Myanmar Timber, Our Treasure, Sustainable Forever

Message from U Win Tun

Union Minister,

Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry

Forests are essential natural resources for the development of national economy as well as the protection of natural environment. They are inextricably woven into the social framework of our very existence . Special consideration and priorities on forestry sector, therefore , happen to be prevalent globally so that every nation all over the world has been implementing the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). Myanmar Furniture Fair (2004) is heartily welcome as a significant step of Myanmar Forestry Industry since it will activate market intelligence and sales promotion aiming at the development Wood-based Industries. Myanmar has been endeavouring to sustain the valuable forest resources which are a pillar of national economies for a long time. It had been intended not only to protect the forest resources and natural environment but also to utilize them effectively while implementing the major tasks such as protection , sustainability , basic needs, efficiency , participation and public awareness according to Myanmar Forest Policy.The development of wood-based industries is a fundamental to increase production and export of Secondary Processed Wood Products (SPWP) whilst reducing log sales gradually.Today both public and private sectors are actively synergised and have been successfully manufactured and exported SPWPs. Therefore , public personnel and private entrepreneurs who serve the national economy keeping the forest resources and natural environment sustained are urged to endeavour relentlessly regarding the develop- ment of wood-base industry in Myanmar by applying acquired experiences and relevant technology respectively.

U Win Tun

Union Minister

Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry

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